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The building block that inspires lasting enthusiasm!

Who says building blocks have to look like regular wooden blocks? Exactly. Bioblos are colorful, ecologically sustainable, pedagogically beneficial and have a unique perforated honeycomb design that provides maximum stability and at the same time inspires the imagination of young and old.

Cooler than wood and better than plastic!

Bioblo is a novel construction block with the dream dimensions 12 x 2.4 x 0.8 cm. Every block is the same, and yet they are all different - that is, different from all other building blocks out there! Because Bioblos are not made of wood, but of a special eco-material that gives them very special optical and mechanical properties.

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Skill meets creativity.

Bioblos are placed on top of, next to, behind or on top of each other. Lying down. Leaned. Piled up. Balanced. Completely without glue, completely without connecting pieces. And even though it looks quite shaky at times, even the highest towers and bridges are surprisingly stable. All it takes is a little patience and skill!

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As multifaceted as your imagination.

It is hard to believe, but has already been confirmed by many parents: Most children never get bored building with Bioblo! Because as the years go by, the challenges grow, and with the challenges comes the joy of self-creation. And should a little "external inspiration" be needed for once, we'll be happy to help!

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An innovation from Austria!

The Bioblo story is inextricably linked with the Lower Austrian town of Tulln on the Danube. It was there that the basic material for the block was developed, and it is also the location of the Bioblo headquarters, from where we ship the goods ordered in the shop to all over the world.

The three founders:

They just want to play.

Why we believe the world needs Bioblo:

Imagination and creativity are innate in all children. We just have to give them the right "tools" to turn their ideas into reality. This is exactly what happens when building with Bioblo. While many adults still sit around with questioning faces, their children are already busy building a pony farm with fences, stables and hurdles for the upcoming horse show. Or to build a tower as high as possible, which usually is only stopped when the ceiling is reached. Or a fire-breathing dragon. Or a spaceship. Or a bridge. Or, or, or, or. Why that is so? Because the imagination of the children is virtually inspired by the limited design of the Bioblos. In other words: there is only one type of block, but infinite possibilities to place it. We have deliberately refrained from using connecting pieces, because this would inevitably result in certain restrictions in building. But in this way every block can be used in a completely flexible way and in any direction. That is true freedom.

Bioblo Spielwaren GmbH

Kaplanstraße 10
3430 Tulln an der Donau

Telefon: +43 2272 20605
E-Mail: office@bioblo.com

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Our dealers and sales partners

Bioblo blocks are already available in many brick-and-mortar toy stores. If you are interested in selling Bioblo products in your own store or online shop, please contact us via one of these channels!

In the educational sector, we have been relying on the successful cooperation with a number of hand-picked companies, which excel through their professional personal advice and the competence they have acquired over many years in the kindergarten and school sector. If you are interested in selling our products in the educational sector, please contact us via one of these channels!