We love building blocks.

But we love our planet even more. Therefore, the responsible use of its resources is our top priority. Our mission: to produce pedagogically beneficial toys that create lasting enthusiasm. In doing so, we use natural and recycled materials that are 100% free of plasticizers, PVC, BPA and other harmful contents.

Our innovative eco-material:

It's what's in it that makes us win it!

55% natural raw materials

Our not-so-secret
ingredient: wood chips!

Wood from sustainable forestry is still one of the most ecological materials. In addition to 10% chalk, organic Bioblos contain around 45% wood chips from native spruce and fir trees from PEFC-certified forest management.

42% recycled plastic

A cycle that leads upwards:
Up-cycling of the most beautiful form!

A large part of the raw materials for the Bioblos comes from used returnable cups, which are given a new lease on life as part of "up-cycling". This saves resources, and something old becomes something meaningful new.

3% Colour pigments

No discolouration or splintering thanks to colouring in the injection moulding process!

In order to give the Bioblocs their characteristically bright colours, Bioblocs are dyed through with ecologically harmless colour pigments. In contrast to the painting of wooden building blocks, the colour is inseparably connected with the base material.

With wood from sustainable
forest management.

Excellent quality, multiple awards!

Bioblo building blocks are 100% free of plasticizers, heavy metals, PVC, bisphenol A (=BPA) or other harmful contents. For this we were the only toy manufacturer to be awarded the Austrian Eco-Label and the "Blue Angel". Bioblo is also the proud winner of the Green Product Award 2015 in the "Kids" category. More than 400 entries from 21 countries were evaluated according to the criteria of sustainability, degree of innovation and design.

100% recyclable...

Bioblo building blocks are a durable quality-product, designed to bring joy to many generations. In the sense of a closed material cycle, the blocks can be returned to us free of charge at the end of their life-cycle, and we produce new blocks from them.


Bioblos are resistant to liquids and therefore easily washable in soapy water. It is impossible to discolour them, as the colouring of the blocks takes place directly during the manufacturing process and not afterwards, as is the case, for example, when painting wooden building blocks.

... and safe!

Bioblo blocks are not only completely free of harmful contents, but of course also meet all mechanical criteria of the European toy standard EN-71.

The extensive quality control process includes a stress test, which checks the break the resistance of the blocks