Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who, how, what? Why, how come, wherefore? Those who do not ask are stupid, as we know! So here are our answers to the most frequent Bioblo questions of the last five years. If you still have a question or two, we are always happy to hear from you by e-mail or telephone!

Well then, here we go:

Questions about the company

How do you explain the name "Bioblo"?

The name "Bioblo" is composed of the words "biological" and "block".

And what exactly is "bio" about it?

The high proportion of natural materials in our building blocks! You can find more about this in the sustainability section.

Since when has Bioblo been around?

Bioblo Spielwaren GmbH, based in Tulln on the Danube (Lower Austria), was founded in May 2015. Since then we have been busy with the step-by-step implementation of our plans for world conquest.

Where's your company?

Our exact company address is "Technopark 1 / Object C, 3430 Tulln an der Donau, Austria". Scroll down to the end of the page "About us" to see the map.

Where can I find current press releases and nice pictures?

We look forward to your hearing from you directly via one of these channels.

Questions about design

What are the exact dimensions of the Bioblo block?

Our Bioblo basic block has the dream dimensions 12 x 2.4 x 0.8 centimetres and can therefore be combined in many ways "with itself": five blocks flat next to each other again make up the length of a block, and three blocks on top of each other are as high as a block lying on its long edge. Try it out and do the maths!

Are there other block lengths, as well?

In addition to the "classic" Bioblo block, since December 2019 there are also three shorter Bioblo block lengths available, which are especially suitable for animals and figures with more details. These blocks are offered exclusively in four special editions and can only be purchased here in our shop.

Why do Bioblos have this strange honeycomb shape?

The honeycomb shape we copied from the bees! It is a material-saving, but at the same time extremely stable and visually appealing, design - don't you agree?

Can I put together a set of Bioblos in my favourite colours?

Sure, right here in our shop! Just choose one of the products from the category "Free choice of colours" and let your imagination run wild!

Questions about safety

Can the blocks be washed? How?

Yes, in contrast to wooden building blocks, Bioblos are washable and then shine again in new splendour! Just put the blocks in the bathtub together with the kids and put them out in the sun to dry (the Bioblos, not the children).

Are there "health certificates"?

The short answer: Yes! And the long one: Bioblos are certified according to the European Toys Directive EN 71 and are 100% free of heavy metals, phthalates, PVC, bisphenol A (BPA) or other harmful ingredients. We can proudly claim to be the first and only toy manufacturer to be awarded the Austrian Eco-Label and the "Blue Angel".

Are the building blocks vegan and halal?

Since our building blocks do not contain any animal substances, we can answer both with YES!

How do the blocks get their rich colours?

Bioblos are dyed through with the help of 100% non-polluting colour pigments. It is impossible for the colours to bleed or chip off, as the colouring takes place directly during the manufacturing process and not afterwards, as is the case when varnishing wooden building blocks.

How much can Bioblo blocks withstand?

In short: a lot. Bioblos are extremely resistant (also to liquids), dimensionally stable and durable. BUT: of course they are not indestructible, because their high proportion of wood chips makes them somewhat more brittle than comparable plastic blocks. So please do not step on them in anger when they are lying on the floor, they don't like that at all!

Help, a block has snapped! What to do?

If, contrary to all expectations, a block should really break, then please send us an email to We will make you laugh again.

Questions about pedagogy and building

For which age group are Bioblos suitable?

Bioblos were developed in cooperation with school and kindergarten teachers to meet the demands of an entertaining construction toy for all age groups. The recommended minimum age is three years, and there is no risk whatsoever for babies (no small parts that can be swallowed).

Why are Bioblo building blocks "pedagogically beneficial"?

Building and playing with Bioblo is not only a lot of fun, it also greatly enhances eye-hand and hand-hand coordination, increases physical-mechanical understanding and trains persistence, concentration and frustration tolerance. Further information on the pedagogical aspects can be found under the menu item "Pedagogy".

Are Bioblos still interesting for school children?

Their own creativity and imagination make Bioblo one of the few toys that you can't grow out of. Because as the years go by, the challenges grow, and with the challenges comes the joy of self-created.

Thanks to the many different possible applications, Bioblos are also excellent as educational toys. The spectrum ranges from colour matching games for the smallest children to simple counting and arithmetic tasks for those just starting school and the teaching of basic geometric and physical concepts for children of early secondary school age.

How do the blocks stick together?

In short: not at all. Or rather: only by gravity and friction - and that's what's so exciting about it! Bioblos are placed on top of, next to, behind or on top of each other. Lying down. Leaned. Piled up. Balanced. Without any glue, without any connecting pieces. And even though it may look rather shaky at times, even the highest towers, bridges and spiral staircases are surprisingly stable.

Are there any connecting parts?

Again, there is a short and a much longer answer. The short one: No. The long one: Not at present. And there are certainly philosophical reasons for this: By eliminating connectors, there are no limits to your imagination! Every block fits on every other, every grab for a block is a "hit". You don't have to search for a long time or rummage through the blocks, and you don't have to spend much time picking the blocks apart after playing.

How many Bioblos do you need?

This question may not be as old as mankind, but it does occupy Bioblo fans all over the world. Okay, say Central Europe. In any case, the answer depends on what you want to do with them. A good starting point is certainly 200 blocks. With those you can build quite impressive towers that reach up to the ceiling, and you also have enough Bioblos for stable bridges, houses, animals, or whatever else comes to mind.

Where can I get building instructions?

Each Bioblo set comes with a construction manual with step-by-step instructions and general basic construction methods. If you need even more inspiration, have a look at the menu item "Inspiration"!

Questions about the material

Why do you say "eco bricks"? Aren't bio bricks made of plastic?

Bioblos have a very high proportion of natural materials: they contain around 45% wood shavings and 10% chalk. You can find more about this under the menu item "Sustainability".

Where do the wood shavings come from?

The wood content of our building blocks is waste from the production of wood products. The chips come from native spruce and fir trees from PEFC-certified forests.

Where does the plastic come from?

It is high-quality recycled plastic, which is obtained by up-cycling reusable cups that are no longer in use. After being used at festivals and events, they are given a second purpose: The cups are sterilized, ground and together with wood shavings formed into brand new bioblos. In this way resources are saved, and something used up becomes something useful new.

Is the material biodegradable?

No, because bioblos are designed for longevity and should give pleasure to many generations. This would not be possible with a biodegradable material.

How can Bioblos be disposed of?

Bioblos are 100% recyclable! If one day you don't want to have them anymore (which we can't even imagine!), you can send them back to us free of charge. We will simply make new building blocks out of them.

Questions about production and packaging

How are the building blocks produced?

The Bioblos are manufactured completely waste-free on energy-saving electrical injection moulding machines.

Where are the bricks produced?

Production locations are in Tulln on the Danube (Lower Austria) and in beautiful Zagreb (Croatia). We categorically reject a shift of production to the Far East.

How do you deal with the topic "packaging"?

For our printed material we only use recycled paper from Austria, and the 99% plastic-free packaging of our building block sets (except for the handles of the Fun- and Big-Box) is limited to a folding carton, which serves as a durable storage box thanks to the high quality of the cardboard.

Questions about availability, delivery and returns

How long does the delivery take?

Usually we process orders directly the next day and hand them over to our parcel delivery service. You can find the exact standard delivery times in the menu item "Shipping and Returns" at the bottom of the page!

How can I return a package? Who pays the postage?

Within 14 days you can withdraw from the purchase at any time. All details can be found in the cancellation policy, which you have to confirm with every purchase in our webshop on the way to the cash desk. You must pay the postage for the return shipment yourself. You can find the address for returns as well as further information on this in the menu item "Shipping and Returns" at the bottom of the page!

Where can I get a set of Bioblos in my favourite colours?

Right here in our shop! Just choose one of the products from the category "Free choice of colours" and let off steam!

Is it possible to buy bioblos in a shop (German: im Laden)?

Thanks to our sales partner Piatnik, you can now find Bioblos in countless toy shops and stores throughout Europe. Just ask the dealer of your choice! But now that you're here, you can also order directly from our shop.

I'm from around here. Can I pick up the building blocks directly from your place?

Sure, you can choose the shipping option "personal pickup" on the way to the cash desk. Although we don't have a shop in the actual sense, we are always happy to receive visitors in our office and warehouse! Preferably in the morning between 09:00 and 13:00 o'clock. Scroll to the bottom of the "About us" page to see the map.

Answer to the worst of all questions

Help, a stone has broken off! What to do?

If, contrary to all expectations, a stone should really break, then please send us an email to We will make you laugh again.