Learn and inspire through play!

We at Bioblo believe that there is hardly anything more meaningful in life than playing with building blocks. And many experts agree with us! Because building is not only fun, but also promotes coordination, increases physical understanding and trains concentration.


While the younger generation easily wipes and zooms across the smartphone, some motor skills are increasingly falling by the wayside. Bioblo building blocks play an important role here, because they greatly improve eye-hand and hand-hand coordination, increase physical-mechanical understanding and train persistence and concentration.


Many things in life are easier if you do them together. This is an important lesson that you learn along the way when building with Bioblo. The children make their different abilities available to the group and learn in a playful way to show consideration for each other. In this way, even the largest construction projects succeed - provided that there are enough Bioblo blocks available!

Frustration tolerance

Since Bioblo building blocks do not require connectors, they are not always easy to place. However, this has the big advantage that you never have to tediously separate blocks from each other while playing! In addition, dealing directly with gravity trains patience and the so-called "frustration tolerance" (for example, when the cat knocks everything over).

A hit not only for kindergartens:

Pedagogical booklet

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Predicate: Pedagogically beneficial.

Bioblo was developed in cooperation with school and kindergarten teachers to meet the demands on an entertaining construction toy for all age groups. The recommended minimum age is 3 years, and there is no danger for babies (no small parts that can be swallowed). Bioblos can be used as learning toys in the context of colour matching games, counting and arithmetic tasks and also serve to teach basic geometric and physical concepts.

Our motto: Build something!

This battle cry can be read on many of our advertising banners and is intended to be a very concrete call to action for everyday life: FOR playing analogue games in the best sense, and AGAINST the boring "sitting in front of the screen", which has become a reality in our children's rooms since the triumphant advance of smartphones, tablets & Co.

Mine? Yours? Ours!

Joining in the fun expressly permitted.

New possibilities thanks to the special honeycomb design!

Bioblos are colourful, visually appealing (some people would even say "pretty") and have a unique honeycomb design that opens up many new possibilities: You can make soap bubbles with it, do handicrafts, play, lay out pictures ... and if you build the blocks around a lamp, you get great color and light effects.

And this is what the experts say:

We regularly feature Bioblo blocks at our events and have also made them an integral part of our indoor playgrounds. If the youngest children are to have fun, the colourful building blocks from Austria are simply a must-have!

Robert Steiner, Austrian children's TV presenter and event specialist

Due to the wide range of possible applications, Bioblos are ideal as construction and learning toys. Thanks to their robustness and durability, they are also suitable for indoor and outdoor movement games.

Sebastian Scharnagl, certified trainer for coordination training